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Punk Planet Online
20 Questions from Punk Planet

1. When did your band form?
october '96

2. When will it break up?
tour this summer

3. What have you released so far?
a four song seven inch on old skool recordings, a split 7" with king for a day on old skool recordings, another single is slated to come out on makoto recordings in may

4. Why do you play the music that you play?
because it's what we like the most.

5. Whatıs the weirdest thing youıve ever had happen at a show?
we played a show up in flint and a nice fellow we know, Arunan Balasubramanian, predicted when and what each of us would break, we broke a lot of things that night, including guitar strings and drums. (if you would like to have Arunan, the megalomaniac demogogue that he is, come to your birthday party or barmitzfah and make predictions, contact him at 617.747.6210 / 150 mass. ave. box 1546 Boston MA 02115)

6. Whatıs the best show youıve ever played?
our second or third show ever at a house called 412 douglas in kalamazoo. we didn't know anyone there. we played last and by the time we played everyone was real drunk and while we were playing everyone was going crazy, just bouncing off the walls. when we got done playing our 6 or 7 song set, all of the drunk people wouldn't let us leave until we played more so we broke into a sunny day real estate song just for kicks. all these kids grabbed the microphone and just screamed all the words. we finished the night trying to destroy these gigantic plastic bunny decorations that were in the basement where we played.

7. State your purpose.
these colors don't run

8. Do you mind that your band is always being billed as ³ex-john tesh orchestra?²

9. How do you describe yourself to relatives who have no idea about what you play?
like bon jovi but with breakdowns

10. How do you describe yourself to kids in the scene who havenıt heard you?
like bon jovi but with breakdowns

11. What bands do you see as your contemporaries?
king for a day

12. What is the antithesis of your band?
bizarro state games

13. Outside of music and bands, what influences you?
jobs, heartbreak, college, girls, math, random mood swings (in no particular order)

14. What is ³selling out²?
doing 20 questions with punk planet

15. If you could make a living off of your band, would you?

16. Where do you practice?
Rod's house (there's always food)

17. If you could play on a four band bill, with any bands that have ever existed, who would you play with, and what order would they play?
first we'd give up our slot to Shellac, and then Led Zepplin, Blood Sweat & Tears, ABBA

18. What goals do you have as a band?
to get to the point where we can break guitars every night, like The Who.

19. What makes for a good show? Did we have fun?
Rod's amp works, kids rock out like they just don't care.

20. If you were to cover a song (that you donıt already) what would it be?
"for want of" rites of spring