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Self Titled #1
Fell on Evil Days ‘zine
“this doesn’t surprise me at all. i was wondering how long it would take for someone to release something by these guys. their style is very similar to texas is the reason, except i think it’s a little more rocking and maybe a little harder. these guys are damn good, one of my favorite things this time around. yet another reason why detroit is the rock city. ‘i don’t see the humor, i would never miss it’

Initial Records catalog
“Lots of melodic and rockin popiness from these Detroit boys. Definitely a band to keep an eye on!”

My Cats Breath Smells Like Cat Food ‘zine
“This is the debut album for these guys. 4 great songs by one of the best bands in michigan. the music is kind of indie/emo sound with great vocals. very nice packaging; white vinyl record. and the best part is it’s CHEAP. only 2 dollars.” (not anymore)

Punk Planet ‘zine
“One of those hard pop bands that’s so popular nowadays. Why is it that when hardcore kids play pop music it’s okay, but otherwise all the kiddies poo-poo it?”

Rainy Days ‘zine
“I originally got this record because the singer from The Get Up Kids had a shirt of theirs. Well, when i finally heard them my ass was kicked so bad I felt like i had been juked by B.D. Rosko himself!! I don’t know who’s influencing who, but they’re almost like a cross between The Promise Ring and The Get Up Kids, still they somehow create their own unique style in the midst of all the emotional chaos. This is the kind of 7” you’ll listen to over and over cause every song is a keeper! If you’re lucky, you can still get it on white.” (they’re all on white)

Muddle ‘zine
“It’s the brilliance in songwriting and the catchy-ness of their music that separates Empire State Games from just another hardcore band hopping on the emo bandwagon. Lots of energy, flowing changes, and crisp melodies. Four solid songs with excellent packaging. Probably the best single I’ve heard in a while. Can’t wait for the full length!”

Heckler Magazine
"All I have to say is wow. I randomly got ahold of this through a friend of mine who assured me "I had to hear it." So I went home later that night and slapped it on my turntable. Wow. Good emotional pop-indie whatever from Michigan. It's hard to say who this band sounds like, but some kids won't go out and buy a record unless they know it sounds like something else they like. So, I'll compare them to a mixture of Sunny Day Real Estate, Hot Water Music, and Piebald. If you can't find this in your local record store, write the address below for information on how to get a copy. The full length is gonna be so good, I know it." -Travis Keller