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• We're going to be playing a couple shows at the end of October around the midwest. We'll get the dates up as soon as they're definite.
• We hope you like the new site! Let us know if you have any suggestions! Send all inquiries to our new email address,

• Woah!! What happened! We hope you enjoy our insomnia inspired change in the look of our site. Let us know what you think.
• Like I said before we’re taking a break to write and record some songs. Look for them in a little while.
• We broke 1000 with the counter and decided to call it quits. That was basically just to figure out if people actually go to our site. People do and that is just great!

• We came home from Florida and played in Ann Arbor with Sarge last night. It looks like we’re going to be home for a while working on our Metroschifter song and writing songs for our full length album.
• The split seven inch with King for a Day is finally in. Get it at either of our shows or from Old Skool 401286 redford MI 48240. Email Derek at for more ordering info.
• Metroschifter’s new album “encapsulated” is due out sometime for the holidays. It will feature some of music’s top artists performing never before heard Metroschifter songs. Our song is entitled “machine language” and is looking to be a rockin’ track. Some bands that will be featured are The Get Up Kids, The Rachel’s Band, The Promise Ring, Joan of Arc, The Enkindels, Elliot, Refused, Ink & Dagger, Burning Airlines, Shipping News, Rye Coalition, June of '44 and many more totally radical bands. We’re very excited to be a part of this event.

• The new seven inch is out.
• Our ‘91 club wagon broke for awhile but now she’s fixed and we’re going to florida. If you live in Florida, come see us play.
• We’re going to do a cd-ep of the first seven inch plus two unreleased songs, aren’t you excited? Look for a mid-fall release of that one. Finally, empire state games on five inches of shiny plastic.

Krazy Fest was a blast. Check out some Photos. We leave for tour in less than a week. I’ll try and put most of the dates up before we leave.

• We’re playing Krazy Fest now, on Sunday, 31 may. it’s in Louisville.

• added some tour dates...because we’re going on tour. We leave June 6 and get back right around the end of July. The new single (on Makoto) looks to be out by the end of May.

• added a couple new pictures
• added new lyrics
• added a few more links in friends
• check out some june tour dates with tuesday and only airplanes count here.

• Welcome to the new web-site. Thanks to Tarek for doing it while we learned how to do it ourselves. Changes that come with a new web-site include much more up-to-date news, more articles and interviews and the such, a much more up to date performances list, a much more up-to-date recordings list. Hopefully we’ll come up with other neat things to add in the future. Email us.
• The next release we have planned is a single on Makoto Recordings out of Kalamazoo. It will feature the songs 100 Years of Baseball and Dialogue (from a Movie). The release date is May 20th.
• After the single on Makoto comes out we’re hoping to tour for as much of the summer as we can. If you can help us with this email Dave.