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you said so yourself [unreleased]
you said yourself you were against it. so why do i keep hearing stories? it's not the action i don't understand, it's disregard for your own principles. you want to watch yourself you're waiting, for opportunities to exploit. a noble deed is done to tell your friends, but things will change. unsupported words don't mean anything. you said so yourself.

the wrong way to hold a microphone [from os024]
when i couldnít tell the difference, i knew that it was time to reconstruct my thoughts. blending in with your surroundings is not commendable, but knowing, thatís not much. but it all comes down to you. can you always be yourself? hoping ideas will come back, but youíll never be the same. when pretending just wonít cut it and you canít follow suit. the threat of being alone. ignorance is not a reason to disconnect yourself from what matters the most. helplessly aware. understand the truth. following support. shallow and confused.

trivial pursuit [from os024]
a useless guideline unfolds, but another choice wonít come to me. waiting for my standards to show, but when all is said and done, you are. but iím always out of time, so nothing gets done. but itís nothing i canít change. i always seem to be behind, waiting for my moment. hope i donít let it slip by, it might not come back. my total lack of respect will never stem from what you think. superiorityís not why rejection of beliefs occurs. maybe itís all in my head, but itís all around me. weíre all easy to convince, which has put us in a hole. everythingís been said before, but thereís no one listening. everyoneís stuck on themselves. support will never make you right, in fact, most times it makes you wrong. weíve made life trivial pursuit. itís your move.

rod pop [from os024]
insignificant talk doesnít mean a thing. can you just say something that wonít punish me? actions without reason. empty rationale. useless thoughts polluting. canít escape it all. can i run away? could this be the last time? do i need to be here? everything you say. i donít see the humor. i would never miss it. sloppy indecision of what you need to say. rearrange your motives before they slip away. comforting yourself with hollow promises. wrong for the wrong reasons. is this all there is?

falling forward [from os024]
certainty is certain to be very rare. you put up your boundaries of what isnít there. you wait for me to say what you already know. maybe you just need to hear it, but i donít think so. peace of mind through anger that you donít really feel. create complications to cover up whatís real. a common misconception seems to cling to you. maybe you just canít accept it, but i doní t think so. possible intentions of a different sort. create complications to hold down the fort. you made a conscious effort not to think things through. cause all that does is question what you thought was true. falling forward still counts as a step. when itís me though, itís not the same. reconsider what youíre standing for. keeping quiet is not that hard. why do you surrender your thoughts and emotions for limited surface acceptance? itís easy to see what youíre going for. should i just be indifferent?

armchair general [from os022]
watching from afar, things are different from what they seem. expectations change i guess i failed to warn you. blame me for this one. itís all my fault, i should have warned you. now itís too late. and itís nothing you did, things just werenít the same. and, i didnít change you thought i wish i had.

circus strongman [unreleased]
it just takes common sense, if there's such a thing. you can't use someone else to replay all that you want back. it all comes around, but you may be waiting. there may be some doubt of what you're really waiting for. flipping on your conscience as if it were a switch. pulling contradictions off with out a hitch. seems to me that there is something missing. if you were with your friends, what would you say? i have all that i need so it couldn't be so bad. i think i've blown my cover that's something i should hide. recovering from something that's not decided yet. i wonder who will notice... leaving out important details of how things came to be. everything you do affects me. break yourself of all connections to the outside world. it'd be nice if you were right. anyone could notice how you've changed. thinking what's important is you.

100 years of baseball [from mkr12]
what brought this on so sudden? i can hear myself think. words are watching over my conveyance. the rugís been lifted. like a joke thatís gone too far, i canít tell some things apart, and itís all that i look out for. everything i do is dull. but that seems so trivial. everybodyís got their shell. you said that i could do whatever i want. but only if itís on your list. problems come from all donít. my problems all have become your concern. and i think that thatís a shame. broken fixtures seem to shine more brightly. whoís broken you? planning for a dead future, wasting every moment, digging for reassurance, wishing this is what you want.

dialogue (from a movie) [from mkr12]
bear with me, i beg you. iím prone to change. bear with me, please. a new day, a new way for something done before. what if i said nothingís what it seems? youíd shrug me off, Ďcause thatís not true. watch him, he knows more than you ever could. just look around, his face is everywhere. itís not as easy as it seems to place the blame where it belongs. i canít help thinking; if you changed your mind, would i still even care? honest thoughts become obstructions, and warped intentions drive us.